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School Council

Council Meetings
These are held in school time and are chaired by  members of the teaching staff. Representatives of the teaching staff, support staff and governors may also be present.  Other children attend on an agreed basis.

Two children from each class in Years 1 to 6 are selected to be their class representatives - a councillor and a deputy. Each class devises their own method of selecting their representatives. 

The Council's Remit
Everyone understands that the remit of the Council is to debate issues, make recommendations and to undertake duties/responsibilities.  These recommendations are then forwarded to the appropriate body - staff, governors and parents and carers where the recommendations are discussed and either agreed or a reasoned refusal given. The naming of staff or other children in a critical way is not allowed, although general points may be acceptable. A small annual budget is available to the Council.

Evaluation Meetings
An annual review takes place in each class which can then form agenda items for the following year.


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