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Our Values and Ethos

Bispham Endowed Church of England (CE) Primary School is a Voluntary Controlled Church of England School, which means we operate within a partnership between the Church of England and the Local Authority, which is Blackpool Council.

We promote and encourage our school's values and ethos in a number of ways through our daily interaction with all members of our school family and community and through visual displays around our school. 

Our Mission Statement clearly states that we aim to work together to ensure that our children achieve all that they can within a happy, Christian environment. A wide range of learning opportunities are provided for all children to help them to grow and develop into independent and responsible people.

Our school emblem is one of encouragement:-

  • a porch way (signifying lessons to learn)
  • two supporting pillars (honesty and truthfulness)
  • the keystone (the Christian faith)
  • the main stones (symbolising charity, sincerity, courage and loyalty) and
  • the bell which has called generations of children to school (punctuality).


Our school motto, "Shun not the Struggle", typifies the hard working and friendly atmosphere that our school has always enjoyed. All the members of our school family - all the adults and all the children - support each other when things get tough and we love to celebrate our successes and achievements together.